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How to create a To-do task in Ubblu?

Payal Goswami
Updated 1 year ago

What is Todo?
  • If you have a task or deadline to meet, then you can add it as a 'Todo' Item
  • In Ubblu, users can add a Todo under View Profile of a person or channel! 
  • If the Todo is under Person's Profile, then the Todo task is visible to both participants of the conversation.
  • If the Todo is under Channel Profile, then the Todo task is visible to all members of the channel.

How to add a Todo task?

Step 1: Go to Messages and click on 'View profile'.

Step 2: Click on 'Todo' and add the task.

Step 3: Click on the Check icon ().

How to make a message Todo task?

Step 1: Go to Messages.

Step 2: Click on the options icon(...) near to the message you want to make as Todo.

Step 3: Click on "Make this Message as To-do"

Your task will appear in the Todo section

Who can add or edit the Todo task?

In a personal conversation, both you and the other person can mark a message as Todo and add or edit a task.

In channel conversation, only the channel admin can -
  • Add Todo tasks
  • Only the channel admin who has created the todo task can edit or delete the Todo task.
  • The channel admin who has created the Todo task can only mark the Todo task as complete or incomplete.

How to Edit a Todo task?

Just click anywhere on the text of the task, and the edit section will appear, after editing click on check icon.

How to mark a Todo task as completed?

Click on the checkbox and it will be struck out which means complete.

If you uncheck the checkbox, the task will be marked as incomplete.

How to delete a Todo task?

You can delete the task by clicking on the delete icon appearing on the hover of the task.

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