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What are the types of channels in Ubblu?

Payal Goswami
Updated 10 months ago

In Ubblu we have Three types of channels.

1.Public Channel : 

           - Any user can join a public channel, no permission of the admin is required. 

           - User can join public channel in following ways:

                         By clicking on "click here to join" in channel conversation.

                         Through invitation link.

         -  It is discoverable in Search of a new conversation.        

2.Private Channel:

               - User can join private channel in following ways:

                         -Admin needs to add users manually (see adding user manually)

                         -Through invitation link.

-It is also discoverable in search like that of a public channel.


3.Secret Channel:

-  It is not discoverable in search, which means people can't search a secret channel in search option in new conversation.
 -Only people added by admin can join. There's no option to create invitation link for people to join.

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